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Kamis, 26 Juli 2012

My journey when I went to Rembangan :)

Yaaa..helloo everybody :)
I just wanna to tell about my short story..
The story about my journey when I went to Rembangan..
My sisiter namely Silvi..
She give gift special for me, because I had birth day on 25 july..
That gift is "Goes to Rembangan together"
At 03.00 pm, mbak silvi pick me up..
Tettttt..tetttttttt...the sound of car was ringing :)
and I fall to see her..woou she is mbak silvi..I was happy, and than we went to rembangan..

Alhamdulillah..I was coming :)
Rembangan was beautiful place..

Yaapyy..she is mbak Silvi..She is wise women, and beauty women...hehe
She has studied in dentist faculty..Sometime I became her patient..
and tooth is so clean.. hihihi :-D

Ok..first, we visited garden flower..
So beautiful place..

ohh..I am sory..I forgot to talk dudu..
I invited dudu to join with us :)
dudu always with me :)

than, mbak silvi invited us to visit central place of rembangan..
there was swimming pool, and many kind of player..
we just took picture :)
and played together..
so insterested for us..

We just had a few time, because mbak silvi had event with her friends..
but, actualy I was happy..
that was gift special for me :)
Keep relation with me yaa mbak :)

 And now, I am 21th year old..
I will try to change my behaviour..
I want to be adult..
hehhe...baaay,,see you :)

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hehehe..okee deeh..makasih yaa udah comment :)