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Jumat, 31 Agustus 2012

Papuma Beach at Jember

Papuma is famous beach at Jember..
There have many big stone and blue water..
I went to Papuma with my friends..
hmm..I am so happy..

I am very happy, because I never go there..
that is first day I visited the beach,,
I was exaited..hehe..
And I meet new friends, they are good friends :)

I wore Tshirt yellow and brown skirt..
I was confortable to wear it..
we run and played the water..hehe..
but, I was afraid, if I near wave..
because, I have bad moment when I child..
I sank in the swimming pool when I was swim..
hmm..but know, I must be move on :)

hmm so happy..
thanks for all yaa guys :)
and..they are wise boy..
thanks for being my friends..

Thank God, You give me many good friendns :)
That is my story when I went to Papuma Beach..
see u next time..
baay :)
I am happy today..

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